Fanews content big data platform

Fanews Content Big Data Platform makes full use of the content data of media, industry and government affairs, by aggregating and analyzing the source, time, region, type and topic of structured content data. It breaks the barrier of traditional news production, and forms a information center of convergence media.

Fanews Content Big Data Platform is aimed at media users in provinces, cities and districts. It utilizes the service mode that uses unified platform and multi-terminal standard on data interface output to open up production channels. In fact, it applies data to news gathering and distribution process to save resources, centralize propaganda and improve propagation effect.

This application sets up the basic elements of gathering and editing of the convergence media center, and achieves the resource integration platform which includes the government data of provincial and municipal media industry. It integrates all kinds of local data to enrich the material database of content production, and understands the rate of release of propaganda messages.

Full coverage of the mainstream media to keep up with the latest official information

  • Fanews gathers information fromthe websites of central, provincial, and municipal government, newspapers, WeChat, Weibo and other official media channels. It aggregates the official release of the latest news from different regions, ministries, government organizations in real time.

Structured intelligence processing to achieve accurate distribution of news

  • Fanews develops its owntechnology to automate content data analysis, de-duplication, de-interference, de-advertising, and structured processing. The processed data are aggregated in the form of tree structure and labeled, in order to be aggregated into appropriate data form according to the user’s application scenario and enter the subsequent editing production.

Usage: Online cloud service, standard data docking, volume distribution

The platform provides many tools for manuscript selection, helping users quickly capture and filter network materials from multiple perspectives. It is an exploratory assistant for content producers to select topics, providing data reference for daily editors, publishers, data monitoring and analysis decision makers.

Regional news

  • Organically combine the news content and geographic location information, locating news by map coordinates.

High frequency clicks

  • Search the articles frequently hit in real time. Quickly learn the hot news that captures public attention.

WeChat assistant

  • Quickly access to specific WeChat articles, supporting localized gathering of emergency WeChat content.

Picture tracking

  • Based on image gene technology and full media data, track the spread of picture in real time.

Full-web searching

  • The multidimensional data retrieval of the whole network supports that the whole network data can be consulted according to the correlation and timing.

Usage: online account browsing, standard data docking, one-click forwarding.

The platform automatically collects content data from the whole internet and  generates different types of analysis reports. It scientifically achieves data decision-making, helps news discovery, hot spot prediction, and real-time grasp of public opinion. Fanews provides more intelligent data technology services, and more accurate data analysis results, focusing on comprehensive content analysis, objectively showing the results of big data mining and processing.

User hotspots

  • Every day predict readers’ preference of every article in the whole network. Recommend hot articles to users for reference.

Communication briefing

  • Automatically generate and push deeply customized briefing of communication effect with multi-dimensional analysis of specific media communication.

Thematic analysis

  • Analyze multi-dimensionally based on the automatic gathering of important daily events in the whole network. Monitor the periods of events and automatically generate thematic reports.

Propagation path

  • Analyze situation of the reproduction and forwarding of original manuscripts in the whole network data. Obtain the propagation path, the details of manuscript reproduced situation, and the details of forwarding situation by media.

Public opinion tracking

  • Provide national, local, industrial, enterprise and other media coverage and public opinion tracking services. Automatically generate briefing of multi-dimensional analysis.

Usage: online account browsing, standard data docking, volume distribution, one-click forwarding.

According to the application scenarios and users’ needs, all news content customized columns are selected intelligently to achieve accurate customization of data. This function can systematically improve the resources of the material center, and help content producers quickly edit before publish and spread mainstream ideas centrally.

Customized columns

  • Carry out data extraction, aggregation and classification according to users’ needs, supporting desensitization, copyright control, format adjustment and content cleaning.

Customized topics

  • Supporting data aggregation, classification, analysis and statistics of thematic events provide various materials for front-line editors.

Usage: online account browsing, standard data docking, volume distribution, one-click forwarding.

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