about fanwen

Founded in June 2012, Hangzhou Fanews Technology Co., Ltd. is a content intelligence data service provider focusing on information content. It provides structured, intelligent and personalized content data services for media, government and enterprises to solve their pain points in the fields of content supervision and guidance, precise customization and business liquidation.

Fanews supports the production of information content, providing publicity services, and copyright protection. It promotes the transformation and development of media into enterprise. With the development strategy of cloud technology and big data service, Fanews independently develops and builds Fanews Information Content Big Data Cloud Service Platform, providing the solutions that enhance content productivity, operational capacity and transmission power, and data visualization.

At present, Fanews has provided services with big data technology for users of various institutions in China, including government, enterprises and institutions at all levels, state media, local media, business portals, Internet companies and so on. The services include the construction of central media center, data diversion of convergence media center, data structuring of historical archives, and reporting of propagation analysis.

In 2016, as an invited Chinese institution, Fanews joined the First Draft Technology Alliance led by Google News Laboratory, to participate in the research of news originality and authenticity. The members of the alliance include BBC, CNN, Facebook and other media groups, as well as some first-class Internet companies.

Fanews is committed to advanced data analysis and application research. Through providing services to and cooperating with media, it provides high-quality big data technology and services products to customers in all walks of life, achieves content realization and develops data economy.

Fanews is committed to becoming a leader in data processing and data analysis, providing highquality content services to customers around the world.

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Our history

Since the establishment, Fanews has gone through a very rich journey in a short time. We have made tremendous progress in the industry and laid a solid foundation for becoming a global leader in the industry.

  • 2017


    Fanews had four product lines, including Fanwen, Yiwen, Zhiwen and Liwen, which are news information big data services with multi-functional module, providing all-round services for news publicity and media content production and realization.

  • 2017


    Fanews had officially launched Yiwen, a trading platform of news copyright. As an independent third-party platform, Yiwen is based on real-time data analysis of reprint path tracking in the whole network in China.

  • 2017


    Fanews News and Information Cloud Service Platform covered nearly 500 users of state media, local media, business portals and industries, covering 21 provinces in China, with an indirect service volume of 100 million users.

  • 2016


    Fanews launched the mobile client of Party Media Information, which began to provide big data services for Party and government, and successfully provided big data services for national and local conferences, G20 and other large-scale events.

  • 2015


    Fanews News and Information Cloud Service Platform had begun nationwide promotion. User groups include: business portals, state media, provincial media, local media, third-party technology companies, etc.

  • 2014


    Fanews News and Information Cloud Service Platform came online. Firstly, it aimed at mainstream media and business portals and promoted trial operation service, obtaining user feedback in order to improve the quality of data service.

  • 2014


    The company transformed into B2B mode, exerting the advantages of content data mining and analysis technology, innovating to provide data technology services for the media, and striving to build a cloud service platform for big data of news and information.

  • 2014


    The mobile client Everything Fanews went online and tried to push local news intelligently to meet users' reading needs.. On the first week after it launched, it was rated as the best new APP by Apple Store.

  • 2012


    Fanews Technology Co. founded to meet the new wave of mobile Internet. At the beginning of the establishment, Fanews first studied the news mobile client, focusing on B2C business model, and studied the technology and trend of mobile reading.