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Jiangsu | Jiangning District Propaganda Department News and Information Center

Customized Data visual modules: Media Hotspots, Propagation Paths, New Media, Rolling News

Fanews puts forward the construction plan of the central information kitchen which contains the media repository and the big data all-media command system for Jiangning News Center. Data structuring technology aggregates data from the original all-media platform and creates a media repository, collecting the news content data from local newspapers, periodicals, websites, new media and other carriers at the same time, so as to achieve the real multi-platform one-click editing and distribution of news. Besides, Fanews builds a big data media command center by advanced visualization technology to provide more clear and substantial decision-making information for Jiangning News Center and help it guide news content production more accurately.

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Hebei | Wuqiang Convergence Media Center

Customized Data visual modules: News Collection, Event Tracking, New Media, Local News and Propagation Ranking

Wuqiang Convergence Media Center was established on September 5, 2018. Supported by the technological development of the central kitchen of the Great Wall New Media Group and the big data technology of Fanews, Wuqiang County has made great efforts to build a new media platform which integrates the functions of news publicity, government service, livelihood service and education. Nowadays, the reformation of Wuqiang convergence media in improving the dissemination, guidance, influence and credibility of news and public opinion is gradually highlighted. It actively explores an effective way to build a national convergence media center in poverty-stricken counties, and effectively promotes the idea that convergence media could go into common people’s life.

Zhejiang | Chun’an Qiandao Lake Media Center

Customized Data visual modules: Politic Events, Thematic Analysis, New Media, Propagation Paths, Columns Comparison, and National Press Coverage

Before the transferring to convergence media, the Qiandao Lake Media Center is a newspaper called  Qiandao Lake Today. Due to the demand of multi-platform release and media resource management and sharing, Fanews provides big data visualization service for Qiandao Lake Media Center’s customized data command center. Up to now, Qiandao Lake Media Center has become an all-media cluster, a first-class media center which achieves media resources sharing, unified management of news, one-time collection of information, multiple generation and multi-release of news, and news integration and dissemination. The all-media strategy of Qiandao Lake Media Center is called a successful example of media reformation, attracting national county-level media to visit and exchange.

Fujian | Wuping Convergence Media Center

Customized Data visual modules: Communication Paths, Thematic Analysis, New Media, Communication Effect Analysis, Network-wide Clue Collection, National Media View of Wuping

The construction of Wuping has been promoted by the Central Propaganda Ministry, and has become one of the two counties in Fujian Province and one of the 57 counties in China which try to construct convergence media center. Wuping has completed the task of building the big data service and visual command center of Wuping Convergence Media Center in a short week with the cooperation of Fanews, focusing on enhancing the propagation, guidance, influence and credibility of news and public opinion. On the basis of big data content, Fanews builds a convergence media center for all-media production, which will solve the problems of waste of resources, inefficiency and weak propagation caused by the separation of the media in the county before.