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Fanews, a big data platform, obtains multimedia content from all news sources in China, including newspapers, websites, WeChat official accounts, Weibo accounts, Apps, Forums, and BBS.

Based on the large collection of data, with real-time big data analysis, Fanews provides applications such as prediction of hot news, intelligent collection of hot topics, artificial intelligence analysis platform, seamless content distribution system, and multi-terminal one-click publishing.

Fanews uses advanced technology to provide high-quality structured data services and upgrade the traditional acquisition, editing and distribution process.

Data services

The basic data of news information covers newspapers, websites, WeChat, Weibo, Apps, and Forums, including national publicly issued newspapers, official news sites at or above the county level, hundreds of thousands of high-quality WeChat official accounts, Weibo accounts, and news Apps at or above the prefecture level.

The matrix data model technology independently developed by Fanews redefines the production mode of news columns, and realizes the intelligent reorganization of news data through multi-directional labels and innovative classification. On this basis, the format of the collected articles can be customized according to the needs of customers, which can further replace the manual edition.

On the basis of comprehensively structured basic data and application data, Fanews provides a series of value-added big data service products by integrating the needs of the effectiveness of new media operation and customer retention.

Fanews’s Advantages

Based on customers’ requirements of content production and new media operation, Fanews gathers massive data sources from the whole network to provide safe structured data technology services, including:

  • Intelligent aggregation of personalized data
  • Professional data integration recommendation
  • Value-added big data service module
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