Big Data + Cloud Services

Based on cloud services, Fanews builds a data center for convergence media, which achieves aggregation management of news content, improves news productivity and propagation, and innovates traditional methods of content production. Through data convergence, the Party media can be empowered, the content can be efficiently spread on the unified command. Fanews breaks down the information barriers between government, industry and media, exchanging propagation and public opinion between senders and receivers of news and building a communication bridge between government, enterprises, institutions and individual users.

The data center of convergence media runs through the gathering, editing and distribution platform with data, and achieves resource sharing and unified distribution without reforming the existing system. Fanews horizontally achieves the unified distribution of multi-media channels, and vertically achieves the unification of data aggregation and distribution from provinces, cities and districts. In business scenarios, a closed loop is formed by news collection, content production, propagation monitoring and feedback of effects to achieve light collaborative production. On the bright spot of this technology, Fanews supports structured data aggregation and integration from media, industry and government. With big data analysis technology, Fanews can quickly obtain regional hot news, public opinion, communication effect and so on, and quickly build the visual scene for decision-making, scheduling and management.

Media Pain Points vs Fanews Solutions

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Pain point 1

Production resources are scattered, which makes internal integration difficult. Numerous and scattered channels of propagation turns out a lack of unified planning and management.

Solution 1

Adjust measures to local conditions: According to the regional conditions, Fanews establishes of a data center to unify customized data.

Pain point 2

Low productivity of content. Clients have little influence. Advertising revenue declines terribly, so does the operating income.

Solution 2

Small Wins: Fanews uses big data and cloud service to push real-time hot spots. Precisely tagged content helps users to rapidly edit reports, which enhances communication productivity and achieves content realization.

Pain point 3

There is information barrier between the media and the government, which makes comprehensive information services difficult to provide to the public.

Solution 3

Data Core: Summarize the contents of provinces, cities, districts and counties. Share data and push it to platforms at all levels, to make information transparent, achieve unified content management and eliminate information barriers.

Pain point 4

Updating software and hardware system costs a lot while earns less. It needs unified technology platform to share resources command and dispatch.

Solution 4

Open Collaboration: Fanews supports seamless data services with any third party, which promotes media propagation and service capability.